The main themes covered in this game are:

1. Corporatism is all pervading: For good or ill, the major corporations dominate almost all aspects of life in Millennium City. Of particular note, the police department has been partially privatised (Public-Private Partnership) and so areas of corporate interest receive far better police protection and response times than public spaces. In addition, public infrastructure and services are underfunded and stretched thin.

2. Exposure is Everything: Reality Media/Uncut Livestream Channels/ the audience is now jaded from a diet of Reality TV and now craves a more authentic experience. To be seen is doing something, inevitably is more important than the results of one’s actions. Style is definitely trumps substance. Some may even question whether there is anything real at all.

3. Shades of Shady Grey: Heroes to some, vigilantes to others, villains to a few more, it’s all a matter of perspective.


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