Millennium City is as realistic a setting for super heroes as possible. Think Dark Knight, not Avengers.

Main restriction is really that heroes are not born, they are made. So no mutants/demi-gods, beings who have powers as their birthright, or accidentally imbued with powers.
They have consciously decided to become a hero through obtaining magical powers/training/artifacts/technology.

1. What is the trigger? Why has your character decided to become a superhero?

2. What makes them special? Is it a mystical item? Martial arts training? Technology? Magical knowledge?

3. Three words that best describe your character.

4. While you don’t have to decide now, in what direction will your character go? Will they seek to gain corporate sponsorship? Operate their own Youtube channel? Or is the purity of their cause too valuable?

I recommend you have a look at the Mutants and Masterminds rules as well as the design notes for DCA.

More to follow.


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