Homeless Hero of the Downtrodden and Forgotten


Just blue-skying ideas at the moment, but here’s the description I emailed Mike:

Not sure about the origin, yet, but I’m thinking a guy who is supremely adapted for city survival – look at the old movie Wild Thing for an idea.

Powers/abilities would include urban camouflage, acrobatics (parkour), hand to hand combat, control over urban feral animals (cats, rats, pigeons, etc), and secret knowledge – history of the city. I’m also thinking about an ability to tap into the group mind of the homeless and insane – these are the people he protects, and he can use them as a sort of psychic surveillance system – the downside is that their madness bleeds through into him. He calls it “Scopin’ the Crazy”.

I think there’s always been a "Street"", or at least a weird champion of the downtrodden and helpless. Whether it’s the same guy is a matter of conjecture, and the madness and eccentricity that comes with his power package makes it hard for even he to tell. Could be part of his deal is to tap into the memories of previous holders of the mantle.

Back in the 60’s/70s – Mean Street
80’s/90s – Streetwise
40s/50s – Barrio Joe (Zoot Suit Riot connection)
1900-1930 – Alley Cat Jack
1800s – John O’Cobbles

Some of these nicknames would still survive as urban legends. What if he fragmented, and different aspects came out/separated?

Physically capable, but I see him as an older guy, maybe a mentor figure. Remember Stick in Daredevil? That’s kind of what I’m thinking. Could be he’s coming to the end of his cycle, and looking for an heir.


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