Scott Six

Burnt out child side-kick


Rough ideas (modified psionic template)

Abilities 26
STR 12 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 18 CHA 16

Feats 4
Fearless, Contacts, Well informed, Taunt

Powers 40
Mind Control 5, Telepathy 10, Regeneration 5, Protection 5

Saving Throw 17

Combat 26

Skills 22 (88 skill pts)

13 unspent pts


Rough ideas

(aka Tinder, Firebrand, the spark of justice, Johnny Blaze, John Feur)

Had some thoughts on a character that was a burnt out side kick from the 80s and 90s (think burnt out child star). He has pretty much seen it all ( Been to space, atlantis and that freaky dimension where everyones an animal version of themselves,helped defend the world against 7 different alien invasions, dead 3 times,is about 62% sure he is an alternative reality version of himself and has been inappropriately touched by Baron Von Killstien while he was a hostage) His power set has been effected by a combination of cosmic radiation ( caused by a Crisis level event) and nanites so he has shifted from a Flame based energy projector ( lovable little “spark of justice” TINDER from FLINT & TINDER ) to a psionic ( microwave brain control )and healing and toughness (nanites). And he is trying to get back in the superhero game.

The problem is this may not be his world. Things have changed. Superheroes are no longer the norm, and FLINT & TINDER never existed outside of a very sucessful TV series (of which he was the actor who played TINDER ). Perhaps this could be explained by the rather public breakdown and eventual hospitalization, but things are not as simple as that. Scott 6 has an extensive skill set and knowledge basis that is beyond a burnt out actor, but are consistent with a burnt out superhero. He is just unsure if he has changed or the world has changed around him.

As a character he is very cynical and a little blaise about things (litterally seen it all before). Has contacts and knows how the game is played but his power level is erratic.

As for the conspiracy theory aspect he has over the years recieved snippets of messages and recently they have increased. Bring on the HAARP conspiracy theories and the tin hats.

Scott Six

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