Max Emmanuel, The Intangible Man

Victim of the Philadelphia Experiment turned gumshoe.


Max was a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence who was on board the USS Eldridge when it was teleported in 1943 from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Newport News, Virginia. But while the ship was in hyperspace, Max leapt from the deck into the unknown void. He reappeared at the site of the Montauk Project on Long Island in 1983. There, he met Dr. Montauk, the head of the Philadelphia Experiment in the 40s (as Dr Rudolph von Bronschweig) and now the Montauk Project. Dr. Montauk put Max through a battery of tests and it was determined that the side effects of the Philadelphia Experiment had manifested within Max himself. He appeared to generate an electromagnetic field around his body by thought alone. This enabled Max to “phase” through objects or allow from them to phase through him. He also developed electromagnetic kinesis and a mild teleportation ability.

Tired of the endless tests and horrified to learn of Dr. Montauk’s plans to use his powers to develop a Wunderwaffe, Max escaped the Montauk facility and has been on the run ever since. Hoping to one day get back to 1943 and the family he left there, Max has gone underground, but agents of Montauk are on his trail. As Max travels the U.S he lends his services to those in need as a private investigator, but also uses his abilities to undermine government corruption. He is currently based in Los Angeles where he and Street occasionally work together to solve cases.

Possible powers:*
Electromagnetic Pulse (and force field)
Space-Time Manipulation

Due to his powers and the field of energy he can create, Max exists slightly out of synch with time and space and has stopped aging at the normal rate. So while he would probably be in his 50s he still doesn’t look much older than 30. A disadvantage to using these powers is it uses a lot of Max’s energy so he is extremely hypoglycemic – he constantly has to keep his blood sugar up especially after using his powers.

Max Emmanuel, The Intangible Man

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