The Frequency

Powerful energy-controlling rookie


The Frequency was once Nick Nelson a young boy who exhibited natural small scale energy powers (creating sparks, interfering with electrical equipment that sort of thing). This went largely unnoticed until the government started testing children his age for such unusual gifts under the cover of innoculations. The test results and genetic information found their way to the hands of a group of scientists involved in esoteric weapons design. Luckily these results were never traced back to Nick due to a mislabeling on his medical records.

These scientist used this unique energy signature as a jumping off point for the development of project HAARP. They were able to isolate and amplify the innate powers exhibited by the young man creating a weapon capable of remote energy direction, weather manipulation, earthquakes and many other applications.

Years later the now teenaged Nick Nelson was living a quite life in a small town desperatly hiding the electrical buzzing that he made when under stress. As fate would have it his town was selected as a target for one of the first large scale tests of the HAARP storm manipulation. As his town was ravaged by the unnatural storm Nick began to feel a strange power well up inside him. The effects of the HAARP projector interacted with his own energy signature and unlocked the full potential of his electrical generating powers. Unfortunatly this interaction also unstablised the HAARP projection and pushed its effect far beyond the intended levels. In the heat of the emergency he used his flight, force field and lightning projection powers to save his friends, family and the rest of the town from the effects of the HAARP projection.

In the aftermath of this catastrophy he sees the good he can accomplish with these newfound powers. His fellow townspeople however become fearful of him and accuse him of causing the disaster. In light of this he decides to leave his home and moves to LA where takes the name The Frequency. Half altrusitic and half thrill seeking he become a hero of sorts helping people and getting involved in the paranormal. However he finds that the massive powers he displayed during the emergency that triggered his powers have reduced to a much less impressive and erratic state. Now he is seeking adventure as well as trying to reattain the power level he had before. As well as this he carrys a family secret which is the reason for his natural powers and is deeply suspicious of some unseen hand behind the circumstance that destroyed his home and opened up his powers.

He has a capacity for generating an manipulating energy on a mass scale but is unable to fully tap into that potential. The only aspect he is able to reliably use is the generation of personal force fields (like a bubble encasing him for protection or covering his fists for enhanced fighting) and limited flight. Under stress he can channel raw energy and create what are essentially lightning strikes from his person, this is erratic and uncontrollable. The idea is that the HAARP project is able to fully employ the powers that he should have naturally.

-Flight with a regular top speed around 150kph(think a fast car) and can maybe carry one person.
-Force Field around his person actively controlled but also reflexively triggered when in danger. With effort may be able to expand it to cover other people.
-Offensive Blasts
-He has an untapped potential for much greater and varied powers

The Frequency

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