Dr. Montauk

The supervillain who was once Dr Rudolph von Bronschweig


Dr Rudolph von Bronschweig, aka “The Hammer of Telemark” was one of Hitler’s most valuable assets. An expert in fringe science and inspired by Nikola Tesla, Bronschweig quickly rose through the ranks of the Nazi scientific elite. He was one of the first to work on Hitler’s top secret project “Die Glocke” (The Bell) but he soon grew impatient and angry with the Nazi High Command who kept undermining his scientific authority and making decisions against his advice. Finally, Bronschweig sabotaged a test of The Bell and the resulting explosion cost Bronschweig his face, left arm and right leg. The Nazis tried to finish the job, but Bronschweig was able to flee Germany and ended up secretly surrendering to the Americans in a precursor to the post-war Operation Paper Clip.

Knowing his value to experimental science, the US government faked his death and quickly put him to work on a project which ended up being the Philadelphia Experiment.

Due to that experiment’s success, Bronschweig was kept on the payroll and set up the black project “Montauk” to further explore the ramifications of the Philadelphia Experiment; cross dimensional rifts, time tunnels etc.

Bronschweig used Montauk technology to replace his missing limbs and reconstruct his damaged face. Upon the completion of this reconstruction, and due to his obsession with his pet project, Bronschweig was dubbed “Dr. Montauk” by those who knew him in the dark corridors of the shadow government.

Dr. Montauk continued his project in absolute secrecy for decades and in 1983, a sailor missing from the USS Eldridge came through a portal Dr. Montauk was generating using adapted Tesla technology. This man would later be known as Max Emmanuel, The Intangible Man.

Dr. Montauk inflicted horrible tests on Max Emmanuel, hoping to harness his powers to create his Wunderwaffe (ultimate weapon), a job he felt unfinished since his experience with “Die Glocke” back in the 40s. But now, Bronschweig knows he will be the only benefactor of this power. Unfortunately for him, his test subject escaped, and now he scours the earth looking for the one man who holds the key to his apotheosis.

Dr. Montauk

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