Director Thorn

Heartless administrator of experimental weapons programs


Director Thorn is the head of a division of the HAARP project. His attention to detail and unerring devotion to rules and order have helped him climb the bureaucratic ladder in a variety of government and psudo government operations. Compulsive in his work he takes a very hands on approach to his current position of esoteric weapons development of the HAARP project.

Picture a sharp suited executive with a small device attached to his wrist which projects a holographic control interface. From this interface he is able to remotely control the HAARP project capabilities as well as receive satellite imagery and other intel. A normal human himself but with such an extensive suite of weapons at his remote command that he is able to employ with such ruthless efficiency that it appears that he has massive powers. Also has the usual assortment of faceless soldiers and agents to aid him.

His current obsession is with the odd aberation in the test data disrupting the HAARP weather control project. This has lead him in search of The Frequency who he believes is connected to this strange interferance ruining his orderly system.


Director Thorn

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